Zoho CRM

Zoho’s software solutions are on-demand & SaaS-based, designed to manage all business functions across an organization. Zoho’s software solutions are customizable, fast and easy to deploy and pay-as-you-go solution with no hardware and installation requirements.

Zoho’s packages are one of the most cost-effective software solutions. They offer almost all key functionalities of leading cloud-based applications at a fraction of a cost.

Manage your business while you are on the go with mobile friendly apps for all solutions provided by Zoho.

Zoho applications also seamlessly integrate with your website and leading applications like G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Ring Central, MailChimp etc.

Zoho Products

Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus is a bundle of applications to track entire customer lifecycle from inquiry to post-sales support. Your marketing, sales & support teams can get a complete 360-degree view of your customers thereby enhancing the entire customer experience and increase in revenues. Few key features of Zoho CRM Plus are:

  • Zoho Sales IQ to track website visitors, score visitors & start interactive chats with leads
  • Zoho CRM for sales automation, pipeline management & team collaboration
  • Zoho Surveys for gathering customer feedback & analysing customer responses
  • Zoho Desk for enabling your support team to respond faster to customers
For a complete list of Zoho CRM Plus features, click here

Zoho Finance Plus

Zoho Finance Plus is a bundle of applications from invoicing to order management to accounting. Your operations & finances can be tracked seamlessly on a single platform. Zoho Finance Plus applications are GST compliant and are regularly updated with latest GST guidelines, thus reducing your overheads. Few key features of Zoho Finance Plus are:

  • Zoho Invoices to generate invoices, track payments & send reminders
  • Zoho Books to manage account receivables, account payables & bank reconciliations
  • Zoho Inventory to track stocks, orders placed & order fulfilment
  • Zoho Expense for fast and easy tracking, approval and reimbursement of expenses
For a complete list of Zoho Finance Plus features, click here

Zoho HR suite

Zoho HR suite of products includes 2 applications, namely, Zoho Recruit and Zoho People.

Both these applications provide solution to your organization’s HR needs, from hire to retire.

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system that enables you to track your entire recruitment process on the cloud in a centralized place. All your processes from job posting to onboarding can be tracked on Zoho Recruit.

Whether you are a HR professional in an organization or a HR recruitment agency, Zoho Recruit can be customized for both these needs. For a complete list of Zoho Recruit features, click here

Zoho People is a cloud-based HRMS system for your workforce management. It includes all major HR functions like leave and attendance management (including sign-in & sign-out from mobile app, geo-tracking and integration with biometric device), time tracker, employee self-service portal, performance management and centralized employee database.

For a complete list of Zoho People features, click here

Zoho One:

What is Zoho One: Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of 40+ Zoho applications providing businesses with end to end solutions for all their departments & teams. Businesses can now focus on increasing sales & delivering quality services to their customers rather than spending time, money & efforts on integrating different third-party applications and reaching out to multiple vendors for support. Zoho One is a one-stop shop for solopreneurs, startups as well as large enterprises.

Features: List of all applications available in Zoho One is available here

YES CRM Services


At the initial meeting stage, we try to understand how your business works through detailed business analysis. Before we execute the implementation plan, we will analyse your complete business process to identify key areas within your organization that are important to your larger business goals.

This helps us to design customized & best-suited solution for your business processes & most importantly, to increase efficiency.

Zoho applications are customizable to suit your specific business requirements. Hence it becomes imperative that the consulting team is well-versed with the vast features & constant upgrades provided by Zoho. As an Authorized Zoho Partner, YES CRM can be your perfect consultant as we offer Zoho consulting services for all Zoho applications. So, no matter what your needs are, you can contact YES CRM and we assure you the best consultation services.


YES CRM understands that no two businesses are alike and as such, we offer flexible Zoho implementation solutions according to your business needs.

Our agile methodology of implementation ensures that system development is aligned with your business objectives and in line with your expectations. Agile approach also helps us to ensure that each project is completed on-time and as per the approved budgets.

Our team of Zoho specialists have diverse skill sets and exposure to global working standards, making them a valuable asset in the implementation process.

Our data migration services ensure that your data is safely and accurately migrated from other apps and systems to Zoho. Our Zoho specialists make use of robust tools available on Zoho Marketplace for data migration & integration of third party applications with Zoho.


YES CRM offers a wide range of Zoho training programs (onsite as well as online) that are designed by experts who have first-hand experience of working on Zoho applications.

Zoho applications are one of the most user-friendly applications. So, then the question is, why do we need Zoho Training?

Easy Adoption:

A change in the existing business process can be overwhelming for employees, making them resistant to adopt the new system. YES CRM trainers’ primary task is of putting your staff at ease by explaining to them how the new system would make their jobs more simple and effortless.

Getting familiarized with Zoho:

Not all your employees would be familiar with the features built for your organization on Zoho applications, including mobile apps. As such, an expert Zoho trainer would be able to explain the general workings - dashboard, reports, navigation etc - of a software better than anyone else.

Personalized Training:

YES CRM trainers ensure that each department is focused on Zoho applications and features that they will be using the most. This would ensure less confusion and more efficiency upon implementation of Zoho for their respective departments.

Reduces Errors and Saves Cost:

Without the proper knowledge of how to operate a software, chances of errors are quite high. These errors can cost your business dearly and can also lead to lost opportunities. Thus, by hiring a trainer to train your staff you are ensuring that all errors are kept to the minimum, which saves employees’ time and your cost.


YES CRM offers onshore and offshore support services for all Zoho applications. This includes creating new users, email administration, monitoring the current system and charting out plans for improvement, data migration, data deduplication, monitoring security settings, app installation, site domain registration and much more.

Why YES CRM For Zoho implementations?

Authorised Zoho Partners:

As an Authorised Zoho Partner, we offer customized solutions to a wide range of small and mid-size businesses. We support all Zoho products and provide assistance at every step - consulting, implementation, training and post-implementation support. With each successful project, we strive towards developing a long-term relationship with our clients by providing them value on a consistent basis.

Experienced Zoho Consultants:

We understand the intricacies of Zoho better than most, thanks to our team of experienced Zoho Consultants. The prolific team of Zoho Consultants at YES CRM bring to the table diverse skill sets. Based on this, you can be rest assured of receiving the highest quality services that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Competitive Pricing:

We understand that each business is peculiar with varying needs and as such, we provide customized Zoho consulting services as per your needs and requirements. Our pricing for Zoho services are flexible and largely depends on the scope of work that you have hired us for. We guarantee no hidden charges as we are always upfront about the cost of different Zoho services that we offer.

On-time Delivery:

Be it an implementation project or support services, we understand and respect the importance of time. With our time-tested processes we make sure to successfully deliver each project in a timely manner, without compromising on quality.

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