What is CRM?

Definition of what CRM means:

Different Types of CRM - On Premise v/s. On Demand CRM

On Premise CRM

  • Its licensed, on-site, or in-house CRM application which is housed at a client's location
  • Deployment or new Enhancements takes Time
  • Implementation & Maintenance Cost is high
  • Business gets highly impacted in case of any Disaster

On Demand CRM

  • Its hosted on Cloud & no installation required at client’s location
  • Easy & faster to deploy. New Enhancement can be incorporated easily without affecting existing features
  • Implementation & Maintenance Cost is very low
  • Impacts are low compared to On Premise CRM

How can CRM help you achieve your company's goal?

CRM connect's the different teams of an organization & provide a 360-degree customer view to all employees. It helps increase productivity, enhances communication, which, in turn, improves your customer service.

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