Key Clients & Testimonials

YES CRM has worked with many prestigious global clients. Here is a list of some of our key clients:

YES CRM Client - World Business Travel
YES CRM Client - World Business Travel


  • Gianna Scorsone, VP, Sales Operations and Optimization
    YesCRM was a complete game changer for us. We're the type of environment that needed two full-time resources around salesforce, however we lacked the budget for a very senior person (and quite frankly needed the expertise only). We couldn't keep someone in the seat because our junior resources wanted to be in an environment where they could truly be in a salesforce ecosystem and learn from the experts around them. They kept getting poached. Because of that, for two years, our innovation was stunted as the ideas were there, but the know-how was not. As soon as we partnered with YesCRM, it was a seamless transition and our ideas came to light. With our ideas, they are able to not only bring them to light, but bank on their expertise in other environments to create the RIGHT solutions. I cannot express enough the innovation you will be able to drive when partnering with this top-knotch firm.
  • Meagan Humphrey, Sales Operations
    "YES CRM has been a game changer for Mondo! The team has transformed the way we do business by helping our infrastructure work smarter within Salesforce.  The YES CRM team always comes to the table with fresh ideas and suggestions on how our company can utilize Salesforce more proficiently.  If there has ever been a situation where something has gone wrong, the YES CRM team reacts with a sense of urgency and comes ready to find the solution.  I would highly recommend YES CRM to any company!"
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